Hi! I’m Bhanusmita.

It might sound a bit awkward but to be very frank I have never filled an “About me” section! All I do in social media sites is fill up the custom fields and “copy-paste” an one liner from some source and add it in the “About me” field.

But I guess this section is not giving me that option!

Can you do me a favour? Can you please tell the world something about me???

Ok…but the essential info about me is as follows:

I am an HR by profession and an eternal optimist. Graduated in Comparative Literature and I love to read everything from instructions on a polythene bag to the latest by Amitava Ghosh. Joined TechShu as an HR a year ago and slowly I became a Social Media Evangelist.

An ardent fan of Wasim Akram, I have a huge collection of cricket statistics collected manually over the years. I have also never missed an international match at Eden Gardens in the past 8 years.In spare time I love to go through travel magazines and make imaginary itineraries (with proper costing) all around India, which I wish to cover one day!

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  1. Dearest Bhanu,
    In our society we have certain very strongly perceived notions about the roles of genders in certain fields. It takes quite a revolution of thoughts and spirits to change these perceptions or should I say prejudices. Every word and thought that inspires and expresses such reformations, create grounds for revolutions. Let the fire kindle in you and you will surely see some light,dear blogger.
    I am curious to hear more from you on your blog.

  2. Priya says:

    First blog on cricket, second on travel, I’m sure one on good food and another on dating will follow soon 🙂 😉
    Good work Bhanu.
    Keep it coming

  3. Rajesh says:

    About me section to complete kar lo 😛

  4. chandreyi basu says:

    well, you know I can write pages on ‘ about you’.you have been an average student with above average confidence, a little girl with the sky high dreams. i have always seen the spark in you and I guess this shows that you are really talented and you have a LONG way to go. You are confident about what you do, so just keep up the good work.

  5. Sandip Halder says:

    after reading ur experience about VETNAI we will make a trip there on Jan 22nd 2011.

  6. Bhanu says:

    Thanks Doel (Chandreyi)!

    Have a nice trip Sandip and let us know your experience here!

  7. Rajesh Rana says:

    Picture to mast laga rakhi hai 😛

  8. Abhijit says:

    So, ultimately the about us section is filled.

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