and the Goa story continues

…continuing from my previous post. So it rained the whole night and luckily by the next morning the “Rain God” decided to take a break and we decided to look for some local food for breakfast…and Voila(!) we found this small shop in the nukkad ahead of Colva church which served this special kind of bun…I am not too sure what was stuffed in it…some peanuts, a bit of coconut…but it was yummm! This bun and badam-milk was our staple breakfast for the next three days!

And these girls decided to venture out to the sea side after breakfast! This time around I decided not to be bossy and though I knew we are going to be late for the South Goa trip, I gave in! But I cannot deny the fact that the Arabian Sea had never seemed so beautiful to me!

After a series of horns from our driver we the ladies finally came down to start our Goa tour…its was a mixed group of people from all over India, some very interesting people made the trip quite entertaining.

Though our driver showed us many places on the way (like Kingfisher Villa, Casino Royale…etc…) but our first stop was Aguada Fort of Dil Chahta Hai fame. We couldnt actually stop ourselves from posing the Dil Chahta hai types, after all even we were 3 closest buddies set out to explore the world.

 And then followed some of the most prominent beaches like Vagator which is a peaceful beach with the ruins of the Chapora Fort, Anjuna beach and finally the busiest beach of all, the Calangute beach. It is typical Indian beach where you its full of chai walas…bhuttas…etc. Here I must mention that my dear friend Banani took quite a pronunciation class of a little chai wala who tried to convince her that its not ‘chai’ but ‘chaya’! It is also a shoppers’ paradise especially for young ladies…but even the guys shouldnt be disheartened as those interested in tatooing will definitely find this worth visiting.

Baga the real Goa like beach (as seen in movies 😛 ) was just 2km from Calangute but our driver refused to take us there, siting the reason that it is not suitable for ‘families’ as foreigners sun bathe there. This was enough to raise our curiosity and we decided to venture to Baga beach all by ourselves.

At 7pm we reached the Mandvi river where we had already booked tickets for a river cruise. A funfilled hour passed by with loads of cultural programmes and standing on the deck of the ship, watching the sun set. We returned to Colva at around 9pm and after a hectic day we went back to same Pappeji’s dhaba and a beer and Goan fish curry was an apt end to a memorable day.

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