First Time in Mumbai? Travel like a localite!

Last month I was in Mumbai and as work travels mostly are, I had to squeeze in time to visit at least the important places to pacify this wander lust heart of mine.
So my dear travelers , first things first… you can always hire a cab for 8 hours and see the attractions of this city but frankly speaking there is no adventure in visiting a metro city so why make it even more boring? Go out experience the local transport, local food…
A guide to the newbies as to how you can explore this city in one day.
1. Local Train is the lifeline: Yeah, I know this is not a new fact about Mumbai but don’t get confused by its different routes. Just download this map from internet and keep it handy, and speak to your fellow passengers.
Another Tip: Start your tour post 11am, the local trains are relatively less crowded at this hour of the day.
Say suppose you’re in Powai, take an auto/taxi till Kanjumarg station.
2. Tourist Ticket- Buy the tourist ticket (Rs 75) for the entire day. This is a major relief! You need not stand at the queue every time you board the train.
3. Siddhivinayak Temple- Get down at Dadar station, you will get shared taxis ( for Rs 10 per head) till Siddhivinayak Temple. Beware of the vendors just outside the temple who would ask you ‎to keep your shoes at their shacks and they would handover a basket full of sweets or flowers for which they would charge Rs 100 or 50. You can keep your shoes inside the temple for free.
If you are taking these baskets of sweets and flowers, make sure that you bring them back to the shopkeepers or else they would charge another Rs 50 extra. 😛
Keep your laptop or camera at the entrance.
4. Haji Ali: Take a bus from Siddhivinayak to Haji Ali, it wouldn’t take more than 15mins. I remember I got down from the bus and looked across the road, I could see Haji Ali dargah in the middle of the sea. The scenic beauty was mesmerizing!
After you have visited the dargah, take a taxi to Mahalaxmi station. It shouldn’t take more than 15 mins.
5. Colaba: Board the train from Mahalaxmi Station and get down at Churchgate. Take a bus to Colaba Market. If you’re a shopaholic and you’re good at bargaining, this is THE place for you to be.
6. Walk around Colaba Market and ask for Leopold Cafe and Bar: One of the landmarks of the city that never sleeps, a must visit if you’re in the city for the first time.If you’re from Kolkata you’ll surely get a “Coffee House” feeling.
7. Take a cab go to Marine Drive, Chowpatty, Gateway of India, Taj Hotel these are all nearby. Take a bus to Churchgate station again and go back to your destination in my case it was Kanjurmarg station from where I went to Powai.
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  1. pourush says:

    Very informative and exciting

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    Good one

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    Fabulous Bhanu !!!!

  4. Amit Dalmiya says:

    Never knew you write so well Bhanu 🙂
    Very well penned down and I could relate to it as I have visited Mumbai earlier.. Keep the blogs coming !!!

  5. Sayoni says:

    Nostalgia.. Very detailed

  6. Shambhavi says:

    Very good article Bhanu!! And an apt title too..

  7. Chittaranjan says:

    Excellent write up! Keep them coming.

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