How girls should travel in India

I am a 24 year old Indian girl who loves traveling. But unlike west- traveling alone or with a gang of girls in India is not so common and raises quite a few eyesbrows. If you have tonnes of money in your dad’s credit card hen things become simpler with preplanned travel agencies and post guest houses taking care of you. But I dont believe in that genre of traveling where you have nothing to explore. I have been traveling alone or with my gang of two best friends for the last few years now. Gathering all my experiences together here I jot down a few points on how girls should travel in India without burning their pockets.

1. Plan your trip way ahead– Yes being a girl that should be your specialty. Believe me it saves a lot of your money and energy. You need not depend on Tatkal tickets or rush-hour air fares. Impromptu plan for weekends is good but when it comes to traveling far the plan must thoroughly be chalked out way ahead.

2. Look out for Youth Hostels- Every major tourist spot in India has Youth Hostels. Youth Hostelling as a movement started around eighty years back. It was started in Germany. They provide separate hostels for ladies which are damn cheap and very clean and hygienic. Website- You need to write to the hostel authorities of the concerned place almost 2 months back to get an accommodation.

3. Bargain with the Hotel people- Very few girls know that the hotel charges are actually negotiable. If you are booking for 3-4 days, do bargain (afterall its our in born quality!)

4. Be polite and friendly- Be friendly and talk to everyone specially the localites, that is where you get the genuine informations.Hardwar River rafting

5. Never ask the auto-driver, “whats the fare?”– This is one golden rule I always follow. Always enquire about auto fares from a local fast food wala or some other fellow. The auto driver is sure to know that you are a tourist and will charge accordingly.

6. Be as you are- While of tours many people have this habit of dressing unconventionally. But I would recommend you to be as you are. You can have a gala time only if you are comfortable.

7. Do not drink much- This will not only prevent you from unfortunate incidents but will also help you from missing out a few hours from your travel diary. Hangovers are the last thing you would want in a trip. Wake up early each morning and utilise your time as much as you can during the tour.


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  1. Abhijit Gupta says:

    Liked your post. Tip 5 is really great idea. I too follow it.Besides youth hostels, holiday homes are good too and cheap. And yes we drink but at evening so that hang-over gets off in the morning. I love traveling too, rather I can say it’s my hobby and passion. I have never travelled alone but with my selected friends who are the only persons I can travel with. In the month of Nov. this year, going to Limthang, a unknown place for many. It is a small hamlet in Sikkim. Will go through silk-route.

  2. Banani says:

    awsum ryt up…….:) muuahh

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