How to add mailchimp in Facebook and Website- How I did it!

Earlier this month we decided to start with newsletter services for one of our clients. Initially they wanted to go for a free service and I found nothing better than mailchimp can serve this. It took me an hour and I succeeded in integrating the mailchimp service with our client’s FB page. A complete step by step procedure on how to integrate mailchimp in Facebook has been added by me here. 

Now that everybody thought me to be the mailchimp expert, next I was asked to get the code of mailchimp for a client’s website which had to be integrated. Well, here I must admit, coming from a completely arts background, I have a phobia for the word “code”! It all seems Greek to me. But with Google at hand everyone’s an expert. I followed the initial steps of creating the account as in and then I sought help from this video I followed every step in it and my CODE was there which I passed on to the technical team… I felt satisfied. This was quite experiece, doing something successfully on which you have zero knowledge. It re-established my faith on the phrase, “Nothing is Impossible.”!

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