Mere Paas Google Hai!

First Incident

Last April I was at my native place Alipurduar (gateways to the heavenly hilly abode in North Bengal) after almost two years. Given the fact that our house is in the midst of a barren land which over the years has turned into a mini forest makes one of the most picturesque place on earth the most ‘mosquitosque’ place on earth at night !

The first night all I had with me was a box of mosquito repellent coil, which hardly had any effect on the blood sucking creatures. I even took the coil in my hand and ran after the mosquitos (seriously). Finally I took my phone and did what comes naturally to me when I am in despair. I Googled…’ how to prevent mosquitos’ . There were those golden suggestions to save my soul and body that night. I mixed some camphor in a cup of water and  kept it aside. The torture had reduced to some extent but now I was in a revengeful mood  so I googled more for home remedies and there it was written ‘ sprinkle Listerine on your bed’and luckily I had a bottle of Listerine which I almost emptied on my bed and went off to a peaceful sleep.

Second Incident

 After a grand party at my place, next day I found an extra bottle of beer, with overdose of beer, the previous night I hardly I any appetite for it  so I decided to make better use of it- wash my hair with beer. So I entered the bathroom with a bottle of beer in my hand but with my wet hair I started to think how to apply this? Should I have applied the beer on my dry hair? Should I wash my hair with shampoo first and then with beer or beer first and then shampoo. Or should I or not rinse my hair with water after applying beer. So I came out of the bathroom and ran to my laptop and yes I Googled ‘ How to apply beer on hair‘ and there was the answer: Shampoo – Beer – Rinse…

Third and numerous incidents

Our Saturday get-togethers are incomplete without a heated discussion between Kamal and Shanket on some of the pettiest issues on earth which is always concluded by a Google Search.

Once Kamal was telling us about the extraordinary parrot, a female one which his mama possessed and all of a sudden the discussion shifted from that talented parrot to Kamal’s knowledge of biology and Shanket questioned him how did he know that the parrot was female? There was an hour’s heated discussion and it finally ended in a Google Search  ‘ How to identify a female parrot! ‘

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4 Responses to Mere Paas Google Hai!

  1. Rajesh says:

    LMAO….. 😀

  2. Rajesh says:

    One funny thing about.. if you type “Fire is hot” Google will say yes Fire is hot, If you type “Fire is Cold”, Google will say Yes Fire is Cold. Point is when it is about settling heated discussion among friends for GD of GK then Google is sometimes not reliable.

  3. Antara says:

    The last part is the most hilarious 🙂
    Google must have gone mad by now and wondering about the variety of questions human mind can manufacture

  4. Abhijit says:

    The same thing happens in my friend’s group. When ever there is an argument, all of them are ready to search it on Google.

    Humare paas Google hai…!

    BDW…funny stuff to read. @Bhanu

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