My First Tattoo

Its almost been a year now since I got this tattoo…somehow today I felt I should be writing about this as well. Well my research work started at the end of 2008. I knew this is going to stay all throughout my life and I did not want to rush things. First I decided on what I wanted. I wanted a SUN. I love my name, its a unique one and “Bhanu” means the Sun. I contacted one of the best tattoo artists in Kolkata and mailed him my ideas. We exchanged some mails before I realized that it was too expensive for me at that time when I was just a student.

It was November 2010 and I was a working lady by then. Chances of being scolded was minimal. And on top of that I saw a deal on tattoo on a deal site and Voila! it was from the same tattoo artist I had interacted 2 years back.

My tattoo artist helped me in finalizing this tattoo which has a sun border with a Libra sign (thats my sun sign) in between. My 7 tips on first tattooing:

1.  Sleep over the idea for atleast six months. Be sure whether you actually want to have one.

2.  Have it at a place where you yourself cannot see it. You may not like it once the ink starts fading. It becomes very frustrating having such a patch on your body permanently. So atleast the first tattoo should not be visible to you.                             

  3. Keep a bottle of juice or soft drinks near you while tattooing, in case you start feeling dizzy.

4. Girls must be accompanied by someone while getting tattooed.

5. Follow the medication sincerely after getting tattooed.

6. Do not scratch the place inspite of the fact that it will itch like while.

7. Flaunt your tattoo with full confidence!:)

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  1. Ranjeeta says:

    Yeah.. miss bhanusmita.. ur tips were phenomenal! it seems u thot ovr it quite a lot! plz help me to think abt my first tatoo too.. give me ideas.. I love fish.. and its considered sacred in our community.. so I thot of inking a fish.. and nw all of a sudden I dont like the idea.. plz help… I’ll mail u the details!

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