…and here goes my Goa story

After a super hectic Saturday (4th of June) – which included going to bank, meeting my dida, shopping, a disco auto ride at Russel street and just a peg at the rooftop(9th floor) of Lindsay Hotel, we boarded the train to Goa at 11:30pm. This was really a test of our patience! Amravathi Express though promises you to take you to Goa in 38hrs but it somehow reaches the round figure of 40 hrs…though I dont think thats bad, considering the track record of Indian Railways.

We fought, shouted, sang, gossiped all our way.You can no way miss this Basanti aka Ranjee…we were %^&* bored and needed some entertainment badly!

With the help of a travel book and a local aunty who was our co-passenger, we tried to prepare an itinerary for our trip which went in vain! As usual we the “aimless travelers” surrendered to our whimsical planning. Finally we reached Madgaon on 6th of June (Monday) at around 2:30pm and we started having our share of bad luck! It was Goa bandh! But somehow we caught hold of one auto rickshaw-cum-car…whatever, which has tiny doors and super tiny windows and curtains(!). He asked for Rs 500 to drop us till Colva Beach but our map told us that the beach was just 6 km away. I am a self proclaimed expert bargainer and finally the auto wala gave us the ride at Rs 200. Since it was a bandh, none of the ATMs had cash and we were at a mess.Add to this the inconsistent rainfall which showered on us as if they were waiting to welcome us. Thankfully I had some cash at the corner of my purse which helped us to get a hotel and food for the day.

1st evening: Colva Beach near our hotel.

Colva BeachSea side restaurants give you an awesome view + makes a hole in your pocket!

It was raining hard and 3 of us were carrying just one umbrella and we decided to venture out for Colva church…it was closed by then but that dint stop us from having our photography session!

It was quite late and we were out of cash (thanks to the Goa bandh!)…so we literally went to all the restaurants on our way, checked their Menu Cards and came back! Finally we found a pappe ji’s dhaba and it was quite reasonable, food and drinks both…we had our share of drinks and Goanese fish and roti…and thus ended our first day in Goa!

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  1. Ranjeeta says:

    gal.. you missed out nothing of our first day.. the pics are amazing.. and ur conversational mode of writing will force your readers to visit Goa as soon as they can. well done!

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