Travelling Goa – OUR style…

Enough of following footprints…now we decided to explore Goa in OUR style, with a travelogue a hand. It was 8th of June, 2011…it had rained cats and dogs the night before but as if the Gods were super happy with us, the next morning we woke up to a cloudy but pleasant day. After having our breakfast we stuffed our bags with necessary items and started. We took a local bus from Colva to Madgaon. The cloudy Goa suburbs, hoardings of resorts and Kingfisher ads (you will find one in every 500 metres!) made the journey a very fast one. It took around 30mins for us to reach the Madgaon bus stop from where we boarded a bus for Panjim, the capital of Goa and the main junction.This was almost a 90 minutes journey.Our first destination was Dona Paula which is famous for the ‘Ek Duje k liye’ shooting spot. We took our third bus of the journey from Panjim to Dona Paula and reached this well maintained and ruthless sea¬† side. It is a rocky shore well barricaded by walls on all side. It is famous for the eternal love story of Dona and Paula who committed suicide¬† to sustain their love. (You can see the white statue of Dona-Paula at the background)

We bought some cashew nuts and cakes on our way back from the place. We came back to Panjim by noon and our next destination was Baga beach! So our fifth bus ride was from Panjim to Calangute. Though Baga is just 2 km away from Calangute, it is treated as some other country altogether. From Calangute we hired an auto for Rs100 for just a 15 mins drive till Baga!

The clouds could no longer refrain themselves and as soon as we reached Baga, it started raining. All the sea side restaurants were full but luckily we found ourselves a table in the “no smoking zone” of Bristo’s – quite a famous eatery on the shores of Baga. The interiors are typically Goan with floors of sand. It rained heavily that dark afternoon and we were silently looking at the rowdy sea from our place.We kept hopping from one hang out place to another near the sea side. It was the Goa we dreamt about. The rain and monsoon added to a very typical noiselessness all throughout the place. We were far far away from our home and all that mattered at that point of time was our friendship…which had travelled many many years…

We started our journey back in the same bus route i.e Baga to Calangute to Panjim to Madgaon to Colva…We went straight to CCD on the Colva Beach to have a mug of coffee…it was quite a hectic day in which we changed 10 transports but surely it never dampened our spirits and turned out to be one of the most memorable days of our life.

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  1. Ranjeeta says:

    very very statistical! those who havent been to Goa, will not be able to relate well!

  2. Abhijit says:

    Hi Bhanu,

    Really an informative stuff to go through. I am planning to visit Goa in Jan with my friends.

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